Waiting Out the Rain

As i packed up my gear, i thought to myself, “Wow! What a dramatic sky.” As i pulled out of the garage, i heard a long and low rumble of thunder. As i turned out of my subdivision, it started to hail. All this on the way to my afternoon shoot. As it hailed and rained, i thought back, i don’t remember a time i have missed a shoot for bad weather. i tend to get pretty lucky. (yes, i knocked on wood)

Because we had multi-generations gathering for the shoot, i knew rescheduling wouldn’t be easy. So, we waited. And it stopped raining. And the show went on. i may have said this before, but i do love to snap photographs on front door stoops. It is a symbol of home. i also like to ask kids to come up with places to have their photos taken. This session’s last photo was composed by the family’s eight-year-old who lined up her family members on the front stoop steps. i think she has a future in photography! 😉


One Year Later…

i was happy to catch up with this busy family early today. They were first introduced to LAF Lines via a gift certificate from a mutual acquaintance. (You cannot go wrong with a portrait session gift certificate! The holidays are coming up… i’m just sayin’) These kids surely kept me busy during the shoot, each going in a different direction. But they sure were cute in their holiday finery!

A New Beginning

Oh! How i adore the sweetness of a new little one in the world. Their needs are so simple (and yet sometimes so difficult to fulfill) and their love so pure. i don’t tend to keep very many things from my children. i hand most everything down to my cousin’s son. But i did keep a few special blankets. And i am glad i did. Today we put this new baby in his father’s baby blankets and another special blanket that has survived several decades. These treasures help baby grow roots, and i am glad we used them during the shoot.

Windy Day

This morning was mega windy. (How windy was it?) It was so windy, my hair was blown straight. i was worried for my shoot today… But my subject was a smart whipper snapper (AND I LOVE that i got to photograph him during the right of passage time of losing his front teeth!) and we smartly looked for corners where the wind wouldn’t find us. We bounced around Birmingham and allowed the buildings to block the breeze while we got caught up since last year’s session.

Flavor Fruit Farms

Today i had the pleasure of joining in a Kindergarten and First Grade combo field trip to Flavor Fruit Farms. Our host, Steve, guided the kids to the orchard where they each got to pick one apple. Then Steve showed us where the apples are washed and chosen and later pressed for applesauce and cider.

On my way home, i decided to take a road i had never travelled to look for bright barns against the brilliant tree colors. Instead, i found this barn, and instantly fell in love.




Walk in the Woods

This afternoon i met up with this family at the Dahlem Center. We walked the trails and enjoyed a multi-generational shoot. It was delightfully warm, and the coordinated color of the family made for a great contrast to the environment we were in! i am ashamed to say, i have not very often explored the Dahlem Center’s trails and grounds- but really enjoyed it today. i think my boys would really dig it! i will definitely get back out there… SOON!

Patiently Waiting

When this soon to be mom of two was expecting her first, she asked me to take her pregnancy photos. It was during that shoot that i had a photographic vision of what i wanted to capture, and i made it happen. i remember being so excited and cheering during her shoot. That was the day that i knew i could make this whole LAF Lines thing happen.

Fast-forward to yesterday morning, and my cheers echoed off the lake as once again, she was my muse and we made photographer visions come to fruition. Thank you, ever patient and fantastic model. Thank you, ever patient and fantastic friend.

Foggy Morning

This morning i had plans to meet a friend for a shoot at 7:45am. She texted to let me know she was running late. Normally that would be reason to sit down on the couch for a spell. But, i decided to head out anyways. And, wow! Am i glad i did! The world was drenched in a light fog and the sun was trying so hard to push through some clouds… i was in awe of the beauty of the world.

i pulled over a couple of times to try and capture the magnificence of the view. The second time, i went running back to the car because i heard gunshots and decided i didn’t want my camera to be somehow mistaken for a duck or goose. The beauty of the morning kept me in awe as i arrived at our location. i snapped a few more photos and in mere moments, the sun poked through, the fog vanished and it was like any other (though perfect) ordinary day.