Foggy Morning

This morning i had plans to meet a friend for a shoot at 7:45am. She texted to let me know she was running late. Normally that would be reason to sit down on the couch for a spell. But, i decided to head out anyways. And, wow! Am i glad i did! The world was drenched in a light fog and the sun was trying so hard to push through some clouds… i was in awe of the beauty of the world.

i pulled over a couple of times to try and capture the magnificence of the view. The second time, i went running back to the car because i heard gunshots and decided i didn’t want my camera to be somehow mistaken for a duck or goose. The beauty of the morning kept me in awe as i arrived at our location. i snapped a few more photos and in mere moments, the sun poked through, the fog vanished and it was like any other (though perfect) ordinary day.


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