Engagement Session

Generally, wedding photographers offer an engagement session in their packages. As i do not typically shoot weddings, i don’t have the opportunity to take engagement photos, and i have wanted to for a while. When my hairstylist got engaged, i jumped at the chance to offer up my services.

History: i used to cut my own hair. i did it for many years. And then this really nice salon opened up downtown. It was so fresh. i decided to call and ask to be matched up with a stylist who understood short hair. That is when i met Tara. Since my first appointment at Salon Breathe & Spa i have seen Tara almost monthly for over three years now. (Aside: this girl knows how to cut hair. She understands face shape, hair texture and what will and will not work. If you need help in this department, give her a call!) We have discovered that i have curly hair together (who knew?!) and we have talked about our kids growing up and the trials and tribulations of motherhood.

When she found a second chance at love, i asked if i could take engagement photos of the happy couple and their children. i loved the opportunity to capture Tara and her family in moments of pure love. i hope to have the opportunity to capture more couples as time goes on.


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