Everyone Has a Story

When i started LAF Lines (November, 2008) i knew that i wanted service or volunteerism to be part of my business plan. Today i launched a project i had been contemplating since. i believe that we are all unique beings and we have a lot to offer to one another, if we can put aside our differences and take time out of our hectic schedules to learn from one another. Last week i visited a neighborhood senior care campus and became a volunteer. My purpose is to interview and photograph residents for the campus newsletter.

As someone who voraciously devourers life, i want to learn from those who have already been through this phase. i want to determine now what it is i should be paying attention to so that i can minimize regrets later. i want to learn a new way to see the world we live in. Today i had my first interview and photo session. i met a woman who is humble and satisfied with the way she has lived her eighty-six years. i found her view on life to be peaceful and admirable.

She had told me piano was a hobby she has had to give up with aging. She’s had  a hip replacement and sitting on a piano bench is not comfortable for her. i suggested we move a dining room chair or her walker up to the keys for at least a photo opportunity. She sat on her walker seat, and was a little high to the piano, but when she put her arthritic fingers to the keys, music filled the room and tears filled my eyes.

We found a hymnal book and she recognized some of the songs. She played them beautifully and i was happy for the mini-concert. When our time together ended, i vowed to attend her first piano recital, and we made plans to learn how to use her husband’s camera. i left with a heart so full of excitement and inspiration, i knew i had chosen the perfect project for myself.




6 responses

  1. Thanks, Chico!! 🙂 Kelly, my visit was an hour and i plan to do interviews twice a month. i have to leave time in between to work on the interview write up and the photos… and for extra visits just for fun- that i’m hoping will come out of this! 🙂

  2. I am a great friend of Dorothy’s and your story on her was special and I love the picture of her hands on the piano! She enjoyed her time with you.
    Amy Wellein

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