Telling the Story: One Photographer’s Philosophy

i had the privilege of spending the weekend in South Haven. Growing up a boater’s daughter, i am drawn to the water. There is nothing i find more peaceful, beautiful, soothing or amazing than spending time “on” the water. Despite the cold, i geared up in my snow pants and boots and say hello to Lake Michigan. The first evening was overcast. The second was overcast over South Haven- but clear toward the west- so i got the added bonus of watching the sunset.

Last year on this same trip the lake was frozen farther out than i could ever swim in summer. Some friends and i walked out to the lighthouse- ON TOP of the lake. This year, the lake is not frozen at all. Of course i had a camera with me during my visits with the lake.

Now, something i do not do well is to take a photo of a broad scene. So, the lighthouse and lake- even with the most amazing sunset is not quite a photo i can capture to my satisfaction. i have seen amazing landscapes by photographers that i admire. But when i try to do the same, i feel that the photo lacks punch. The story is too broad. i try to narrow it down.

As a photographer, i get to show you what i see. Not quite the same as SpiderMan, but i find it to be a tremendous responsibility. 😉 So, as the sun set on Saturday evening, i wanted to show a different view of the sunset than just the standard wide angle landscape. Here’s what i came up with.

i took this, and then decided it was too big of a story. Had to narrow it down.

Too narrow, perhaps?

Ah yes, this seems right to me.

Yup, turned a sunset photo into black and white, because the sunset was actually not the star of this show.

From Friday eve.

i have a self portrait from many of my shoots.


Skin Rejuvenation Center

Being a photographer gets me front row seats and backstage passes to many fabulous places. This afternoon i got to meet Dawn, the owner of Skin Rejuvenation Center in Downtown Plymouth. i walked into her studio and was immediately put at ease by the relaxing music playing and the tranquil decor. Dawn was personable and funny. Not only did she work on a client for our photo opp while i asked questions, but she also showed me her all natural mineral line makeup line. There was a lot to learn in our session. Including Dawn’s age. Which makes me a believe in her tag-line, ” How old you are is your business. How young you look is mine.”





















Michigan Management & Property Maintenance

There are many types of photography: corporate, wedding, product, portrait, event, architecture etc… You might think that any photographer could handle any genre. To a certain extent, that could be true, however i concede that i am not geared as a wedding photographer. And straight on product shots- not my specialty. So, today, when i met the partners of  Michigan Management and Property Maintenance i was worried they might want formal corporate head-shots. If there’s one thing i DON’T specialize in, it would be formal anything- not in my personal life, and  not in my professional life! 😉

i was happy to casually traipse around downtown Plymouth with these three. They were creative, energetic, vibrant and professional- all mixed into one! Even though it IS February, i was disappointed that it snowed on us. These three took it in stride and we really made the best of the shoot.

Who wouldn’t want to work with the friendly trio of Michigan Management and Property Maintenance when looking for their next space?

Everyone Has a Story… 2

The outcome of today’s interview is an example of WHY i wanted to embark on this project. i feel that tucked away behind the walls and windows of our world are treasures and tales that have been buried under a pile of the here and now. Sure, our elderly neighbors require a little more time and assistance to get things done, but the stories they offer are from a world that is quickly vanishing.

As a vibra-harp player in Phil Spitalny & His All Girl Orchestra, today’s interviewee spent four years touring the country by train. She told of how she would dine with Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey band members when their schedules lined up. She can even be found in the IMDb (The Internet Movie Database) with a movie credit to her name, when the Orchestra performed in “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” (1942).

When she moved back to her native Ohio and married, she was thankful to raise her two daughters while continuing to play bells, drums, timpani and the vibra-harp in area orchestras. Her husband was an airline pilot, and they had their own plane. No stranger to traveling she got to fly overseas and see the world. When i asked i what would she like to go back and do-over again, she said simply, “Nothing. I did it, I had fun with it. And that’s it.”

Henry Ford Museum

Today my camera club (CLIQUE) headed out to the Henry Ford Museum and enjoyed photographing all the incredible displays. On my mind was our monthly assignment, “through the glass.” i tried to knock out the assignment while enjoying the museum. Here is some of what i captured:

Seats from the bus Rosa Parks sat on in 1955.


40 watts



Through the Glass

Through the Glass II



Having a rest

Baby Parts

Today i caught up with a wee one whose newborn photos i took last summer. She is growing into a happy and content baby, and i really enjoyed taking in her cuteness. Her parents presented me with the challenge of imitating a series of photos they had taken of their older two children out of state. The older kids each have a frame of photos that hi-light their little ears, toes and tushies. It’s always difficult to try and emulate another portrait studio’s style. i hope i did them justice. It was difficult to resist this sweeties’ face, i admit- most of the photos i took are of her smile.







Photo Booth Tips

Every time i look at this photo strip, i laugh myself to tears. If you know my seven year old in real life- you know he is animated and expressive and ALIVE! This past weekend he had his first photo booth experience. He chose a disguise, and went in by himself. (i am laughing out loud as i type this.) You can see by the result, that he really did not know what to expect.

This photo strip makes me feel sorry for him. It’s just a simple little guy in a vast abyss, wearing a disguise, but not really “working it!” LOL. Let me give you some pointers for your next wedding or event where a photo booth might be available- be sure to teach the young ones as well 🙂

1) There will be FOUR photos taken. Try to mix it up for each photo.

2) Recruit some friends to go in with you.

3) Be spontaneous! It will evoke natural laughter from your partners in crime.

4) Don’t be too risque- the host of the event usually gets a digital copy of ALL of the images taken in the photo booth during the event!!

Thanks to SNAP IT! Photobooth for their generous contribution of the photo booth for our school event!