Photo Booth Tips

Every time i look at this photo strip, i laugh myself to tears. If you know my seven year old in real life- you know he is animated and expressive and ALIVE! This past weekend he had his first photo booth experience. He chose a disguise, and went in by himself. (i am laughing out loud as i type this.) You can see by the result, that he really did not know what to expect.

This photo strip makes me feel sorry for him. It’s just a simple little guy in a vast abyss, wearing a disguise, but not really “working it!” LOL. Let me give you some pointers for your next wedding or event where a photo booth might be available- be sure to teach the young ones as well đŸ™‚

1) There will be FOUR photos taken. Try to mix it up for each photo.

2) Recruit some friends to go in with you.

3) Be spontaneous! It will evoke natural laughter from your partners in crime.

4) Don’t be too risque- the host of the event usually gets a digital copy of ALL of the images taken in the photo booth during the event!!

Thanks to SNAP IT! Photobooth for their generous contribution of the photo booth for our school event!


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