Telling the Story: One Photographer’s Philosophy

i had the privilege of spending the weekend in South Haven. Growing up a boater’s daughter, i am drawn to the water. There is nothing i find more peaceful, beautiful, soothing or amazing than spending time “on” the water. Despite the cold, i geared up in my snow pants and boots and say hello to Lake Michigan. The first evening was overcast. The second was overcast over South Haven- but clear toward the west- so i got the added bonus of watching the sunset.

Last year on this same trip the lake was frozen farther out than i could ever swim in summer. Some friends and i walked out to the lighthouse- ON TOP of the lake. This year, the lake is not frozen at all. Of course i had a camera with me during my visits with the lake.

Now, something i do not do well is to take a photo of a broad scene. So, the lighthouse and lake- even with the most amazing sunset is not quite a photo i can capture to my satisfaction. i have seen amazing landscapes by photographers that i admire. But when i try to do the same, i feel that the photo lacks punch. The story is too broad. i try to narrow it down.

As a photographer, i get to show you what i see. Not quite the same as SpiderMan, but i find it to be a tremendous responsibility. 😉 So, as the sun set on Saturday evening, i wanted to show a different view of the sunset than just the standard wide angle landscape. Here’s what i came up with.

i took this, and then decided it was too big of a story. Had to narrow it down.

Too narrow, perhaps?

Ah yes, this seems right to me.

Yup, turned a sunset photo into black and white, because the sunset was actually not the star of this show.

From Friday eve.

i have a self portrait from many of my shoots.


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