Taking Chances

i can’t figure out if i am one for taking chances or not. i like to think about things. As a matter of fact, when my friend Rima of Rima Designs, LLC suggested i toss together a few items to sell at our childhood parish center fair, i immediately rejected the idea. The fair was a mere ten days away, and i would need a few months to consider the idea. Then, i’d need a few months to plan it. And then a few more months to execute my well thought through plan.

But, i went for it anyways.

The fair was today.

i am so glad i did it! As i was reminded, change cannot come without taking chances. My still-life photography is very personal to me. i take these photos not because i am hired to do so, but because something intrigues or inspires me. i have hung a few shows in the past, where i hung up my pieces and then walked away for a month. i blog about the photos i take, but i cannot hear what the reader thinks. Today i had to stand by my pieces and listen to people discuss them, consider them and maybe walk away from them unimpressed.

i was overwhelmed with kind words and praise. i listened to a few suggestions and critiques and took it all in stride. i moved away from my Lithuanian Parish over eight years ago when i relocated to Jackson. Many people didn’t know i am a photographer.

A familiar face approached and read my business card. She said, “LAF Lines… that’s the perfect name for your business. That’s how I remember you. Even as a little girl you would walk to receive communion and have a smile on your face. You were always so happy.”

i am smiling inside and out at the close of a truly wonderful day.


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