Playing Favorites

When i was younger, i could not choose a favorite color. Looking at many of the colors made me happy. As an adult, i thought i had to give my kids a straight answer, so i’ve gone with purple. But really, i do love green also. And turquoise is not to be dismissed. And even though some people say black doesn’t count, i do love black. And gray. My answer is likewise as inconsistent and impossible to narrow down when asked what my favorite subject to photograph is.

This morning i woke up early to head out to Detroit to photograph an abandoned building. (blog to follow) i could say that that is my favorite subject. At least it was from 7-10 am. At 2:00 pm i was back in Jackson to enjoy this little girl’s first birthday party! At 2:00, i assure you, little kids were my favorite subject to photograph. i truly enjoy photographing people in different stages of life. (And i also dig photographing things in various stages of decay.) Ultimately, i know, i feel happy wherever i am, especially with a camera in hand. Happy Birthday, Little Wonder. 🙂


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