This Used to be a Playground

On my previous blog, i had written about my first abandoned building exploration. It was a dream come true to venture into the ACME Building here in Jackson (after signing away any liability for injury or death for entering such a dilapidated building). i have had a few opportunities similar to this in the past few years. This morning i went in pursuit of the urban abandonment photo opp. in Detroit. i walked through a former school. Opened in 1910 as the St. Francis Home for Orphant Boys, this magnificent building was more recently used as a target school. It suffered a fire in 2011 and quickly deteriorated when the roof was not repaired.

i am fascinated with the “ghosts” left behind when a building is abandoned. All the books, desks, supplies and instruments left behind broke my heart. i cannot figure out why some of these materials were not salvaged. Perhaps the building was marked contaminated, and the administration was not encouraged to remove items from the school- but surely computers, T.V.s, pianos from two stories below the fire would have been okay? Perhaps it is my naivete, but as much as i enjoyed looking through the ruins of a school, i wish there was a better outcome for the items left behind.

As a photographer who loves to capture that which most people disregard, i was satisfied with what this morning’s adventure had to offer.


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