Safety in Numbers

Do you have a hobby? Do you have a group of people you pursue that hobby with? i am a big fan of my camera club, CLIQUE, because we are all lovers of photography. And when we shoot together, we have a great time. We laugh a lot. And we always top every gathering with a meal. Actually, i think we’re more of an eating club that takes photos than a real photography group. 😉

We met at 7am today. It was cold, and the world was frosty. It was well worth it. Photography is my therapy. i find balance behind the glass. And i find peace sitting at my computer selecting images to work on. Regardless of what i am shooting, i try to find elements of design that excite me, even if i cannot relate to the general location. Today was a mix of both. As a friend said, “There was a lot of junk, you must have been happy.” Am i that obvious?



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