Kids Have the Best Ideas

Generally when i pull up to a client’s home, i scope out the yard and predetermine  a nice location spot for photos. Today, i skipped that step and really let the kids guide me. They had some ideas about a tree they like to climb, and a tire swing. They led the way and i followed. i heard a great idea for mom & dad’s portrait that would have required a quick trip to Italy for the romantic backdrop, but most other ideas we were able to create. (Though i would completely be willing to travel for portraits, just sayin’) 😉



Photo Safari: Eastern Market

For half of the weekend i enjoyed Detroit with a few of my camera club friends. Some of us took in a Tiger’s game while others did a walking tour of the city. This morning we all met up at Eastern Market with cameras in hand to take it all in. At first i found the market to be overwhelming to photograph. There are so many people. So many sights, sounds and smells that it took me a bit to get oriented and pull out my camera to start composing. Once i started, i was all set. i enjoyed the street musicians, the vendors barking out their specials and all of the beautiful produce and flowers available. i definitely have a taste to go back to the market- maybe even to shop!

*Remember* If you would like one of my photos for your home or office walls, these can be printed to order.

Legally Blonde

Sometimes being a photographer lands me some perks… like seeing a play before opening night! i enjoyed Center Stage Jackson’s production of “Legally Blonde” as it was wrapping up the final rehearsal. It is sometimes difficult to focus on the show when i am composing photos, but there were so many clever lines and catchy songs i caught myself putting my camera down a few times to tune in.

The cast delivers an energetic and peppy performance. The musical numbers require quite a bit of movement which had me envying the youth of the cast. 😉 i am looking forward to catching an actual performance, with no camera to distract me!


This past weekend was a great mix of work and fun with friends: long standing and new. Thanks to all who trekked out to Huntley to meet me. Especially those who drove in from WISCONSIN! 🙂 Here is a sneak peek of some of the photos taken in a different time zone. i could get used to this “traveling for work” concept!

Dapper Dan

It is a compliment when clients ask me to return to take photos of their loved ones as they grow. For that, thank you. Wednesday i got to check in on this little wonder for his nine-month shoot. (Which was a “free” shoot since i had done three for this family within a calendar year- see FAQ for details.) He had a fancy outfit that needed to be worn, and what better way to enjoy it than to put it on for a few minutes and take some photos? After we captured the cuteness of the suit, we relieved him and had him back in play-clothes. He showed off his mobility tricks and showed me his toys and incoming teeth. i adored him and caught up with his parents. And while i don’t want to rush him, i can’t wait to see what he’s up to when he turns *gasp* one! 🙂


What a Smart Boy

This evening i caught up with a little dude i have been photographing since birth. i was impressed with his mobility. i adored his cuteness. But his smarts blew me away. He understood absolutely everything that was being said, and acted accordingly. i suggested to his mom that we go to the front of the house, and he led the way. He is so sharp.

And so totally boy. He loves balls. He throws them up in the air (and anything else for that matter.) And he loves cars and wheels. It was so much fun to see his tremendous growth.


My tag line is “Capturing the Moments and Moods of Your Life.” And i love doing just that. i have been invited to photograph events that cover the spectrum of the human experience including birthday parties, babies, a daughter saying good-bye to her dying mother, graduations and families. Friday, i was invited to by an acquaintance to photograph her sister and friend as they visited from overseas.

The weather was cold and damp, and limited our original plan to wander about. So, we made do on a couple of covered benches. It was lovely to be witness to the reunion of lifelong relationships. The women laughed and told stories and i got to enjoy it all. You see, while photography is my business, people are my passion. i savor the opportunities people give me when inviting me into a moment of their lives. i hope the photos do justice to what my heart feels when i am “working.”


The Last Five Years

i love to take photos that tell a story. Usually i take the photo, and the story is told afterward. In this particular case, the story was explained to me, and we set up the photos to convey that story. Enter Jayna Katz and Adam Woolsey. Two of the area’s super-talented. They are costarring in a show entitled The Last Five Years. The story is about their characters’ relationship and break-up. It is full of beautiful, heartfelt music.

Jayna and Adam need an image for their promotional poster. Here are a few that they might choose from. The final product will have lots of information on it; including show dates, times, ticket information etc. So, what do you think the story is? Do you think the play has a happy ending? If i were you, i’d mark your calendar now for July 12-15 and catch one of the performances to find out!