One More Shoot Before i Go…

LAF Lines is heading into the annual shut-down (July 28-August 8-ish) when i go off into the woods to volunteer as camp photographer at my beloved Camp Dainava. But, before packing up the kids and the car, i was happy to spend some time with these cuties at the Jackson Train Depot this morning.





Senioritis- Home Court Advantage

In an effort to continue producing unique senior portraits, i was pleased that this senior chose her location removed from the mainstream. Home is where the heart is, and it makes for a great backdrop. i recommend in-home sessions for young children. It gives them familiarity and relaxes them for a quicker warm-up. Home is a natural choice for newborns who have no predictable schedules. It also works great for seniors who have fond memories associated with their homes and back yards.

The people in the portraits are what make each one of my sessions unique. In this case, i suspect i won’t have too many other sessions at this particular address, either. 😉

Senioritis- Carnival Style!

Senioritis continues at LAF Lines!

When the mom of this senior called, i looked at my calendar and realized the date she was requesting was the same as the Jackson Hot Air Jubilee. i asked her if she thought her son would like to go over and use the carnival-like atmosphere as a backdrop. i figured we could walk about downtown and do the “standard” shots- and then zip over and do something completely beyond the norm.

The results are playful and unique. i was so happy they were game!


i have senioritis! 🙂 i enjoyed spending some time with this senior yesterday evening. i loved hearing about her plans for the future. There is something about working with people on the entire spectrum of ages that keeps me youthful at heart. It is fun to think back to when i was that age- i wonder, did i know myself as well as she does? Was i as focused on a career path? Or did that come later? Well, in my case- much, MUCH later. Her future is as bright as her beautiful eyes and i am excited for her to take on the world!






Sweating in the Motor City

Today had me zipping into a very hot Detroit to meet a very cool lady. She needs photos for her social media and to fulfill other requests for head shots. She wanted her images to be casual, unique and to convey her love of Detroit. We met at Campus Martius Park and strolled a block away to capture some of the interesting textures and backgrounds the city buildings have to offer. It was certainly hot in the city, but it was happy making to get there and feel the pulse of a happening Detroit.

Summer Girls

This morning, these finely dressed girls and i toured the town and ended up enjoying some ice cream. It has been a while since i’ve seen them and photographed them, so i enjoyed hearing the “baby’s” expanded vocabulary and the older sister’s experiences in kindergarten. We ended our session with a round of hugs and sloppy kisses that melted my heart like the ice cream on these little ones’ lips.



The Motor City

i admit that i love to photograph decaying, abandoned and old things. But when i made the plan to venture into Detroit for photo safari, that was not part of the plan. Remember the Chrysler commercial from SuperBowl a few years ago? Those who know me well, know i love Eminem. i also love Detroit. And this commercial made me think, that the “Detroit is decaying” card has been overplayed. And on this particular trip to the city, i wanted to relay the positive side of Detroit.

i wandered about and photographed what appealed to me until my camera died. Literally died. i pulled out my backup camera (Lesson learned- ALWAYS carry backup!) and continued on my merry way. There is so much more that i want to go back and capture. Here is some of what i saw. (More photos from my trips to Detroit can be found here.)

Class of 2013

Today’s evening session marked my first senior shoot of the season! i absolutely love photographing seniors. They are young people with the whole world ahead of them and infinite possibilities for their futures! They are fresh and fun. And apparently don’t know who Christy Brinkley is. (Wow, i feel old.) 😉

We walked around downtown and took advantage of the fabulous walls and alleys that make great backdrops for such shoots. We used the breeze to add drama to this senior’s hair; sometimes having to wait for the wind to settle down a little before proceeding with the photo taking. It was a great photographic adventure, and i am already excited to get to work with this senior again for her fall photo session.

90 Degrees Before Noon

Usually when i schedule shoots before noon in the summer, i think we’re going to cheat the summer day and get our photo taking done before the heat sets in. But, what happens when the heat of the day is predicted to be 100 degrees? At 10:00 this morning it was 90. Sheesh! i was roasting up, as this family managed to stay cool for their photos. i will be in my (basement) office for the rest of the day recovering. 😉