One Year Later

One of LAF Lines’ babies turned one last week! His first portraits were after he was a few weeks ย old (see here). i got to watch him grow up to the little man he is today. i have loved my first row seats to his life. Today he was recovering from his one year well visit to the doctors which meant he got four shots yesterday. He is also sprouting a new tooth. He was in very much need of mommy snuggles, but still managed to offer up some big smiles and pounds of cuteness!


Love’s Lane

This morning i met up with this family to take some portraits on a special family property. This was “Ga’s” wish for her upcoming birthday. So everyone woke up a little earlier than normal, made do with less than normal breakfast, and smiled like champs! i hope these snaps will make Ga’s birthday wishes come true. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rather than going entirely traditional (we did some of that, too) i kept the “kids” in the background to relax while i snapped a few of the parents.

We needed some pics of the empty-nesters…

…And some of their growing family.

The “LoVe” letters were the idea of the client. She saw it on Pinterest. i have yet to look at Pinterest because i heard it is habit forming. ๐Ÿ™‚

3 Generations in the Backyard

i totally dig the informal backyard portraits. Mix in a daughter and her family that lives across the country and i get downright excited. Sure, i always think a session is a great idea. But i especially love it when people who aren’t normally together- get together! i had a helper during today’s shoot. The littlest guy photographed here helped me set up poses, and got the crowd laughing with his antics. i couldn’t have trained a better helper. ๐Ÿ™‚

Senioritis: Art 634

This morning’s senior chose Art 634 and the Armory Arts campus as his background. He had several spots scoped out for his portraits and wanted to include his Jeep in a few photos. The beautiful campus with artistic details around every corner really lends itself nicely for a unique photo spot. Here are ย a few results!




Senioritis: Lake Michigan

Sunday afternoon i headed out to St. Joseph with this senior to capture some Lake Michigan photos for his collection. We wandered through the quaint downtown for some fun portraits. Then we hit the beach for some more creative snaps. This senior brought his guitar and football uniform for some of the images. As much as i had hoped for a sunset shoot, the skies clouded up and were not cooperating with my wish. So, we made do. i am excited about these results.

Old Stuff

Today i met with my camera club. After a delicious breakfast in downtown Grass Lake, we hit the Grand Illusion Architectural Salvage. (201 E. Michigan Ave., Grass Lake- It is recommended that you call to be sure they are open: 517-522-8715) Their three buildings are full of architectural and antique treasures! Of course the forgotten pieces of yesteryear were totally up my alley. And i wished i had a house that would lend itself to some beautiful old doors, trim, floors, mantles etc. If you’re a designer or looking for some throwbacks, check out this store! So much great stuff!

My Guys

People assume that since i am a photographer, that i am constantly taking photos of my kids. Er… Um… Not entirely true. My baby turned 7 in December. i neglected to take his seven-year-old portraits for so long, that i decided to take them when his top teeth came out. My older son turned 10 in April. i decided to take his portraits before his mandated school-haircut. So, don’t feel bad if you’ve waited a while to get your family portraits done- just pick up the phone and get them scheduled!





Splish, Splash!

Just recovering from summer camp, i met my greatest summer photographic challenge this evening: 12 (plus) kids and a swimming pool! We had a variety of combinations of photos to take, and the grand finale was the “grandkids” jumping in to the pool! Action photography is not at all my specialty, yet i am always willing to give it a try! Here are some of the results of the fun being had by this laid-back family! ๐Ÿ™‚