Senioritis: Flavor Fruit Farms

Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day to go enjoy a little bit of Michigan Autumn. It was the kind of day this senior was waiting for for her second session. She wanted to capture the colors of the season, so we headed to Meckley’s Flavor Fruit Farms. ๐Ÿ™‚








55 Years and Still Holding Hands

Today i had the supreme joy of photographing a pair of lovebirds, 55 years into their marriage. Their daughter here in town arranged for the session during their visit. i listened to the couple finish each other’s sentences as they told the story of their engagement, and i watched them reach for each other’s hand whenever they sat down or were walking together.

It was a bit windy, and our eyes were watering from the cooler breeze. It was a perfect cover for the tear i shed enjoying the love and respect that passed between, not only this couple, but their daughter as well. It was a lovely way to spend an hour, and i am grateful to have beenย chosen to capture the love.


Senioritis: Train Yard

i don’t want my subject’s portraits to resemble my last shoot’s outcomes. i want each client to have a unique experience and i want their results to show that.

We got that covered with this morning’s senior session! With his guitar in hand, i kept thinking about creating an album cover (i think that is a project i need to take on— any musicians out there needing a photographer?) as opposed to photographing a kid with his guitar. i dig the results from this morning’s session- and am happy that this senior’s photos will be unique not only to him, but fresh in my repertoire as well!






Physical Therapy

i am training for a half-marathon. (13.1 miles) After running 11 miles, i was feeling pretty wiped out yesterday. i had one shoot on the schedule and i wondered how i would power through- i simply wanted to lie down. i arrived on site for the shoot, and the house was full of energetic kids. i don’t know how to describe the sense of completely forgetting my physical tiredness, and diving in- but that is exactly what happened.

When i shoot, i forget about myself for a little while. i have always known photography as therapy for my soul- yesterday i discovered it also doubles as physical therapy for an aching body! i returned home energized. Though i went to bed early, hanging out with this family and snapping their photos pepped me up enough to get me through my day! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

Say Cheese

i had the privilege of photographing a friends’ children. There are three boys and a girl. i admit, i spent most of my time photographing the daughter, because she did not cooperate as easily. The boys are older and sat, smiled, found spots for their photos- just as asked. The young girl has a spirit of her own, and is at that tough age (photographically speaking) of 2 when she doesn’t want to do exactly as requested. Her results might not be “traditional” portraits, but i love them for the spirit and drama they convey.

Senioritis: At the Train Station

This morning i got back into Senior Fever with a session at the train station. i had some good laughs with this senior as we discussed Sperry shoes and not getting yelled at by the station manager (which i managed to do, even though i wasn’t doing what she thought i was doing.) i love what i do, in terms of making photographs. But more so, i love getting to know people and sharing moments. i loved making this senior laugh and was glad she had fun during her session. Don’t forget, girl: purple is our color. ๐Ÿ˜‰


When Opportunity Knocks…

Imagine you get a phone call on a Friday evening asking if you’re available to venture into Detroit to photograph the current Vice President of the United States of America on Monday. Putting all political differences aside, would you be curious? i was. i saw it as an opportunity i simply could not pass up. So, i packed up my gear and zipped over to the motor city and had the experience of a lifetime.

i was considered a volunteer for the event, but got a wee bit of security clearance so i could not only shoot the event VPOTUS, Joe Biden was speaking at, i could also take the “photo line” photos. (Someone snapped mine, below.) i was awestruck by the number of people it took to put on such an event. Roads were blocked, police were in force, secret servicemen were at every corner and there were all kinds of volunteers directing the crowds… It was a sight to see!

When i conduct my interviews for the “Everyone Has a Story” project, i ask “Have you ever had any brushes with fame?” If asked, i will be able to answer that question with, “In 2012 i got to photograph and meet the VPOTUS, Joe Biden…” What an impressive story that will make! Truth is, i’m just getting going in my career. That may be just the beginning of a very long answer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

i had to take a bunch of these for some special peeps who got to meet the VP as part of my assignment. Thank you to the gentleman who suggested i have mine taken! ๐Ÿ™‚

Senioritis: Swatting Away in Mosquitoville

Yesterday evening i was rejoicing that it was not so hot out. AND it was overcast, which meant this senior and i didn’t have to stick to the shady spots for our session- we could roam freely around Ella Sharp Park. However, it was humid. And the mosquitoes were thirsty! Amid swatting away the pests, we had some fun and enjoyed our session.