Senioritis: Train Yard

i don’t want my subject’s portraits to resemble my last shoot’s outcomes. i want each client to have a unique experience and i want their results to show that.

We got that covered with this morning’s senior session! With his guitar in hand, i kept thinking about creating an album cover (i think that is a project i need to take on— any musicians out there needing a photographer?) as opposed to photographing a kid with his guitar. i dig the results from this morning’s session- and am happy that this senior’s photos will be unique not only to him, but fresh in my repertoire as well!







2 responses

  1. Lidija,
    Don’t know if you got my reply. Love the preview photos. I am sure Joe will too. Glad you two had a fun experience. The guitar idea was perfect and truly an expression of Joe and his personality. Your talent shines thru in your work as well. So very glad we had the opportunity to work with you. Thanks again. Can’t wait to see the rest of them.

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