Sunday in the City

Sunday afternoon i met this family and we strolled through the (near) empty streets of J-Town. The girls had great ideas of how/where they wanted their family photographed. Their energy and enthusiasm added to the uniqueness of the photos. The wind was our enemy as hair blew in all the wrong directions. (How does Beyonce always have her hair blowing away from her face?) Even my short little hairs were picked up by the breeze!

Note: i did not vandalize the wall, but did take advantage of someone else’s creativity.




Autumn Chill

Sunday afternoon the wind kicked in and sent a serious chill across Jackson! In an effort to keep the wee ones warm during this shoot, a lot of snuggling was required. The kids enjoyed playing in the leaves, until their little fingers got too cold!

Happy Anniversary

Sunday morning i met two families whose parents treated them to a mini-session each for their anniversaries. The benefit for the grandparents, was to have all of their grandchildren in one place at the same time for some photo snapping fun!

We laughed a lot, which is a great way to start any day! The photos express the fun sides of both of these families, even while “posed” for photos. And in case you didn’t know, i went to St. Mary’s College, so i was completely supportive of the Irish-loving props! As a matter of fact, the more i go along this journey, the more i enjoy mixing props into shoots.

Senioritis: Repeat Challenge

This morning i faced the ultimate creative challenge when i met a senior at the same location as a senior last week. i had to think outside the box not to repeat the same shots (though there was a little bit of overlap.) Since we were meeting in the morning as opposed to the afternoon, the sunlight and shadows were in different places. This naturally led me to choose different standing/sitting spots.

When i first started senior photos, i wouldn’t attempt the yearbook photo because i am on location. Now i am a all-in-one operation. Have backdrop, will travel! i do these photos quickly, to fulfill the school’s requirement, but they have been turning out quite nicely. A few seniors have even purchased extra prints of those shots for their simplicity and traditionalism. Here is an example of a yearbook photo ala LAF Lines.

Senioritis: High School Campus

Today’s afternoon shoot was with a senior athlete who chose his school campus for the bulk of his photo shoot. It was a bright, sunny day- which most people are excited about. And yes, i enjoyed it. However, photographically, it kept us creative to try and avoid squinting and steep shadows. We kept to the shadows and zipped over to Ella Sharp Park (where we encountered thousands of other photographers and families) to wrap up our session.




Horsing Around

Early (relative) this morning, sandwiched between breakfast and a hockey game, i visited this family for a “quick” shoot. The kids are older, and needed less warm up time than yesterday’s shoot. Knowing that the daughter is an equestrian, i brought my little rocking horse as a seat. i LOVE it when my clients hear out my ideas and don’t send me home with my props and head hung in shame.

We scurried about the property and snapped up some interpretive and “regular” portraits. We included the family dog and wrapped up in time for the family to head off for their next adventure.





Kids in Motion

It takes kids a while to warm up to a (near) stranger hiding behind a big ole camera. Some know what i want and intentionally won’t give it to me. Others are horrified by the concept of having to smile nicely at a stranger. i get it. And i allow for it. Saturday’s shoot had two kids going in two different directions with the whole “Who is this photographer person?” game.

Mom and i put our heads together and took the little ones outside. There, they were able to explore about and look at the leaves and sit on the rocks… and suddenly they were interested in showing me their found acorns and leaves. The smiles then came easier and the two siblings turned on the charm. And i was ready to capture it.

Cleveland ROCKS!

i watched the movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It” this summer. And while the life of SJP’s character seemed chaotic, there was something about her life that i was interested in. i want to travel for work. As i work for myself, nobody is going to send me anywhere. So, it is up to me to make trips for myself. i did that this past summer in Detroit. And i did last week in Cleveland.

i did some research and found points of interest that i thought would intrigue me. Ever heard of over-researching a trip? There were a couple of times i arrived at places i had researched, and realized i didn’t want to take the same photo i had already seen. So, i had to get creative. The interesting conclusion is that i ended up taking photos that aren’t necessarily recognizable as Cleveland-specific. And i’m totally okay with that.

MSU Family

Today i zipped up to MSU campus and had the pleasure of getting to know this one year old. He is the son of alums. Little guy was very busy exploring his surroundings and showing me his (adorable) walking skills. He enjoyed touching, holding and maybe even tasting the flowers and plants we enjoyed at the Horticulture Gardens. The area is gorgeous, with so many colors to take in! It certainly is eye candy for children of ALL ages!

Marathon of Mini-Shoots

Today i offered up my time for a fundraiser for my children’s school. The session fee was donated directly to the parent’s organization. Yet again, Ella Sharp Park made a beautiful backdrop for today’s fun. Thanks to those who signed up, came out and experienced the true nip of autumn with me today! Here is a sneak peek from the cuteness i got to witness today.