Keeping Up on Facebook

Facebook has installed a new algorithm that affects how often LAF Lines will show up on your Facebook newsfeed. The new system has dramatically impacted the number of people who see my posts in a negative way.

Here is how you can keep up with LAF Lines (and your other favorite pages):

1. Make sure you see all the posts by adding the LAF Lines Facebook page to an “Interest List” and encourage your friends to do the same. To do so, go to the LAF Lines Facebook page ( and click on the down arrow next to Listen (on the right, under the cover image). In the drop down menu click on “Add to Interest Lists…”. On the next menu that appears in the drop down box click on “+ New List…” to create an interest list and then follow the steps as prompted in the pop-up window.

Or if you’ve already created an appropriate list, just add my page to that list. You’ll see 100% of my posts in your newsfeed. If they start to bother you, please do not hide or mark them as SPAM, simply remove that interests list. Having posts hidden or marked as SPAM will hurt me. Once you can see my Facebook posts, be sure to “like”, “share”, and/or comment on them as much as possible.


**Thank you for taking the interest in LAF Lines, and for keeping me in your daily flow!**



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