Quality and Customer Service

When i returned from a four week trip to Lithuania in 1996, i turned in 8 rolls of film to my local K-Mart. Their policy was that i would get the photos back within 2-3 days or they were free. They got lost, and then found and i picked them up after 5 days and they were, in fact, FREE!!!

As a business owner, i understand the importance of standing by my promises and products. i have teamed myself up with a brilliant lab. i am thrilled with the print quality and adore their customer service. i received a client’s photos today, and the order is not correct. A quick online conversation, and they are fixing their error and overnighting the correction. My client will never know there was a glitch.

i have always asked my clients to allow me 21 days to process their shoots and provide their finished proofs. In 2013 i will be modifying that. Truth is, i have never used three weeks to process photos. As a dedicated photographer (meaning i don’t have another job) i am able to provide my client’s photos within 10 (ten) business days of their session… or less! When i return proofs within 48 hours, i ask my clients not to tell others, because that i know i cannot promise every time. But it does happen! i stand by my work and my word.


1996 1

One of my “free” photos. Lithuania, 1996.


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