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8 Years Old

i might always refer to my children as my babies. And when i talk about the weight i need to lose, i sometimes say, “Well, i did just have a baby.” Don’t let me fool you. The last time i gave birth was 8 years ago. So, i use the term “babies” loosely. And that post-pregnancy weight loss… well, let’s just say i’m holding onto that excuse until he’s 40. 😉

My oldest son isn’t a fan of having his photo taken. This one likes to dress up and will pose for me- which is fun. But he also acts silly, just at the moment i think i have the coolest shot. i thought i would mix business with pleasure this morning and TREAT him to one of his fave local treats at the Jackson Coffee Company. After he enjoyed his mint hot cocoa and glazed honey bun, he was all for having his photo taken. (Please note, my son dressed himself.)

The Jax Coffee Co. has a great vibe. i have used it as a backdrop for other shoots and really appreciate it, especially in cold winter months. Just goes to show, the blustery winter weather doesn’t have to interfere when photos simply must get done!





First Shoot of 2013

Ahhhhh. Feels good to get back behind the lens again. January is typically a quiet month as people get back into the swing of things after the holidays. This time of year i get the chance to clean my office, consider marketing materials for the new year and recover from a busy fall/winter. But i miss shooting/creating. So, i was glad to get the chance to stay in practice with these two little ones who have January birthdays. Their smiles and bright eyes were fun to capture. It was a great way to kick off a new year!






Destination: Chelsea

We were in town to celebrate the opening of our friends’ Overland Studio. We had a blast learning about studio lighting and experiencing what it feels like to be on the posing side of the camera. (Not my forte) On a little pre-lunch-break, a few of us wandered out to take some photos in downtown Chelsea.

i am always impressed with Chelsea. It is clean, compact and somehow energized. i was bummed to see a particular market was gone- but excited to find Smokehouse 52 BBQ soon opening in its place. i was impressed with some outside modifications to the building. Then, like a kid at a toy store, stuck my face up against the glass to look inside.

I was even more impressed with the details and decor of the interior! The proprietors of the restaurant invited in those of us who got caught snooping. They were welcoming and explained their vision. The items used to decorate the space have great history and the space is a unique experience.

i am eager for the restaurant to open. i have a few friends i meet in Chelsea for meals because it is a mid-way point for us. It will be fun to add a new venue to our list of options. i wish the owners all the best, and thank them for the pre-opening tour!


Quality and Customer Service

When i returned from a four week trip to Lithuania in 1996, i turned in 8 rolls of film to my local K-Mart. Their policy was that i would get the photos back within 2-3 days or they were free. They got lost, and then found and i picked them up after 5 days and they were, in fact, FREE!!!

As a business owner, i understand the importance of standing by my promises and products. i have teamed myself up with a brilliant lab. i am thrilled with the print quality and adore their customer service. i received a client’s photos today, and the order is not correct. A quick online conversation, and they are fixing their error and overnighting the correction. My client will never know there was a glitch.

i have always asked my clients to allow me 21 days to process their shoots and provide their finished proofs. In 2013 i will be modifying that. Truth is, i have never used three weeks to process photos. As a dedicated photographer (meaning i don’t have another job) i am able to provide my client’s photos within 10 (ten) business days of their session… or less! When i return proofs within 48 hours, i ask my clients not to tell others, because that i know i cannot promise every time. But it does happen! i stand by my work and my word.


1996 1

One of my “free” photos. Lithuania, 1996.

LAF Lines’ Latest- December Edition

Please check out the last newsletter of 2012… So excited to see what 2013 brings. i never could have imagined some of the trips i took or people i met in 2012 before the opportunities were presented, so it makes me absolutely open and in awe of the future possibilities. You simply cannot know when a moment will change your life. How absolutely thrilling!


Wrapping up Turkey Weekend

Today was supposed to be warmer. And brighter. But we made do. i met up with this family of three siblings and their families to snap a few photos for the holidays. We started with a traditional warm-up, and then the ideas came. i have never been on Pinterest. I sort of refuse, because from what i hear it is dangerously habit forming. Apparently, there are some great family photo ideas on Pinterest. So, with some inspiration from the web, we created some non-traditional poses, which work really well when the littlest one isn’t entirely on board with being photographed at all. 🙂