8 Years Old

i might always refer to my children as my babies. And when i talk about the weight i need to lose, i sometimes say, “Well, i did just have a baby.” Don’t let me fool you. The last time i gave birth was 8 years ago. So, i use the term “babies” loosely. And that post-pregnancy weight loss… well, let’s just say i’m holding onto that excuse until he’s 40. 😉

My oldest son isn’t a fan of having his photo taken. This one likes to dress up and will pose for me- which is fun. But he also acts silly, just at the moment i think i have the coolest shot. i thought i would mix business with pleasure this morning and TREAT him to one of his fave local treats at the Jackson Coffee Company. After he enjoyed his mint hot cocoa and glazed honey bun, he was all for having his photo taken. (Please note, my son dressed himself.)

The Jax Coffee Co. has a great vibe. i have used it as a backdrop for other shoots and really appreciate it, especially in cold winter months. Just goes to show, the blustery winter weather doesn’t have to interfere when photos simply must get done!






First Shoot of 2013

Ahhhhh. Feels good to get back behind the lens again. January is typically a quiet month as people get back into the swing of things after the holidays. This time of year i get the chance to clean my office, consider marketing materials for the new year and recover from a busy fall/winter. But i miss shooting/creating. So, i was glad to get the chance to stay in practice with these two little ones who have January birthdays. Their smiles and bright eyes were fun to capture. It was a great way to kick off a new year!






Almost Two

Saturday morning i caught up with this little guy who i have been photographing since the womb. He is talking now. i was floored by his smarts. He picked up a leaf and pointed up to the tall tree top. He would say “one more time” when he wanted to do something fun again, like jumping from a rock. Then he’d circle back and repeat, “one more time.” My heart was melting at his brightness. It’s such a joy to catch up with these wee ones as they grow and progress, picking up new tricks. i marvel and wonder at their awesome.




Kids in Motion

It takes kids a while to warm up to a (near) stranger hiding behind a big ole camera. Some know what i want and intentionally won’t give it to me. Others are horrified by the concept of having to smile nicely at a stranger. i get it. And i allow for it. Saturday’s shoot had two kids going in two different directions with the whole “Who is this photographer person?” game.

Mom and i put our heads together and took the little ones outside. There, they were able to explore about and look at the leaves and sit on the rocks… and suddenly they were interested in showing me their found acorns and leaves. The smiles then came easier and the two siblings turned on the charm. And i was ready to capture it.

MSU Family

Today i zipped up to MSU campus and had the pleasure of getting to know this one year old. He is the son of alums. Little guy was very busy exploring his surroundings and showing me his (adorable) walking skills. He enjoyed touching, holding and maybe even tasting the flowers and plants we enjoyed at the Horticulture Gardens. The area is gorgeous, with so many colors to take in! It certainly is eye candy for children of ALL ages!

Marathon of Mini-Shoots

Today i offered up my time for a fundraiser for my children’s school. The session fee was donated directly to the parent’s organization. Yet again, Ella Sharp Park made a beautiful backdrop for today’s fun. Thanks to those who signed up, came out and experienced the true nip of autumn with me today! Here is a sneak peek from the cuteness i got to witness today.


Say Cheese

i had the privilege of photographing a friends’ children. There are three boys and a girl. i admit, i spent most of my time photographing the daughter, because she did not cooperate as easily. The boys are older and sat, smiled, found spots for their photos- just as asked. The young girl has a spirit of her own, and is at that tough age (photographically speaking) of 2 when she doesn’t want to do exactly as requested. Her results might not be “traditional” portraits, but i love them for the spirit and drama they convey.

One Year Later

One of LAF Lines’ babies turned one last week! His first portraits were after he was a few weeks  old (see here). i got to watch him grow up to the little man he is today. i have loved my first row seats to his life. Today he was recovering from his one year well visit to the doctors which meant he got four shots yesterday. He is also sprouting a new tooth. He was in very much need of mommy snuggles, but still managed to offer up some big smiles and pounds of cuteness!

My Guys

People assume that since i am a photographer, that i am constantly taking photos of my kids. Er… Um… Not entirely true. My baby turned 7 in December. i neglected to take his seven-year-old portraits for so long, that i decided to take them when his top teeth came out. My older son turned 10 in April. i decided to take his portraits before his mandated school-haircut. So, don’t feel bad if you’ve waited a while to get your family portraits done- just pick up the phone and get them scheduled!