Welcome, welcome Little One

My best girl had a baby. (You may remember her from her pregnancy photos in the lake?) i took my camera to the hospital to snap a few pics of the fresh wee one before he was 24 hours old. Then again today, i had the pleasure of visiting and snapping a few more photos. We tried to get creative, but this guy wanted little to do with our squishing him and molding him into poses. (i don’t know how Anne Geddes does it.) Welcome to the world, little guy. 🙂


A New Beginning

Oh! How i adore the sweetness of a new little one in the world. Their needs are so simple (and yet sometimes so difficult to fulfill) and their love so pure. i don’t tend to keep very many things from my children. i hand most everything down to my cousin’s son. But i did keep a few special blankets. And i am glad i did. Today we put this new baby in his father’s baby blankets and another special blanket that has survived several decades. These treasures help baby grow roots, and i am glad we used them during the shoot.