No offense to the under-2-year-olds that i photograph, but knowing i was photographing teens today had me a different brand of excited. i figured we could easily achieve the needed updated family photo with no extra chasing or cooing or playing peek-a-boo from behind the camera. We quickly hit our marks and were off to the next photographic adventure on the house tour.

As families gather together for the Thanksgiving holiday, be sure to keep a camera handy. Capture the moments and moods of the day- sometimes those are best discovered when loved ones aren’t entirely posing and prepared for the camera.






Today i caught up with these cuties to snap up some photos of each of the girls, and the girls together. Which is a somewhat difficult task when you have a 20 month old in the mix. But really, you couldn’t ask for more from the session- the results are cute, funny and simply priceless. They certainly represent this family’s here and now.



Almost Two

Saturday morning i caught up with this little guy who i have been photographing since the womb. He is talking now. i was floored by his smarts. He picked up a leaf and pointed up to the tall tree top. He would say “one more time” when he wanted to do something fun again, like jumping from a rock. Then he’d circle back and repeat, “one more time.” My heart was melting at his brightness. It’s such a joy to catch up with these wee ones as they grow and progress, picking up new tricks. i marvel and wonder at their awesome.




Megan Edwards

There has been a big shift in local theatrical talent in Jackson. Soon to depart for bigger skies is Megan Edwards. Before she could scoot out, girl needed a set of head-shots to promote herself with. i was the lucky photographer.

Special thanks to Vermeulen’s Home Furnishings for allowing us access to some indoor space while the morning warmed up outside. Here are some of the results from our shoot.

Keeping Up on Facebook

Facebook has installed a new algorithm that affects how often LAF Lines will show up on your Facebook newsfeed. The new system has dramatically impacted the number of people who see my posts in a negative way.

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**Thank you for taking the interest in LAF Lines, and for keeping me in your daily flow!**


Chicago Rocks

This past weekend i hopped on the Amtrak to Chicago. The main purpose of the trip was to see the Champagne Saints perform at the Elbo Room. With my guitar-playing husband leading the Friday tour, we also had to stop by the Chicago Music Exchange. What an aesthetic delight. i took a few photos while my husband browsed.

i wandered downtown and Lincoln Park on Saturday before the big show- but the rain kept my camera protected, and me enjoying some local shops instead. When not rocking out to the ‘Saints, i took some photos- enjoying and grumbling about the low light challenge.





Sunday in the City

Sunday afternoon i met this family and we strolled through the (near) empty streets of J-Town. The girls had great ideas of how/where they wanted their family photographed. Their energy and enthusiasm added to the uniqueness of the photos. The wind was our enemy as hair blew in all the wrong directions. (How does Beyonce always have her hair blowing away from her face?) Even my short little hairs were picked up by the breeze!

Note: i did not vandalize the wall, but did take advantage of someone else’s creativity.



Happy Anniversary

Sunday morning i met two families whose parents treated them to a mini-session each for their anniversaries. The benefit for the grandparents, was to have all of their grandchildren in one place at the same time for some photo snapping fun!

We laughed a lot, which is a great way to start any day! The photos express the fun sides of both of these families, even while “posed” for photos. And in case you didn’t know, i went to St. Mary’s College, so i was completely supportive of the Irish-loving props! As a matter of fact, the more i go along this journey, the more i enjoy mixing props into shoots.

Senioritis: Repeat Challenge

This morning i faced the ultimate creative challenge when i met a senior at the same location as a senior last week. i had to think outside the box not to repeat the same shots (though there was a little bit of overlap.) Since we were meeting in the morning as opposed to the afternoon, the sunlight and shadows were in different places. This naturally led me to choose different standing/sitting spots.

When i first started senior photos, i wouldn’t attempt the yearbook photo because i am on location. Now i am a all-in-one operation. Have backdrop, will travel! i do these photos quickly, to fulfill the school’s requirement, but they have been turning out quite nicely. A few seniors have even purchased extra prints of those shots for their simplicity and traditionalism. Here is an example of a yearbook photo ala LAF Lines.