Wrapping up Turkey Weekend

Today was supposed to be warmer. And brighter. But we made do. i met up with this family of three siblings and their families to snap a few photos for the holidays. We started with a traditional warm-up, and then the ideas came. i have never been on Pinterest. I sort of refuse, because from what i hear it is dangerously habit forming. Apparently, there are some great family photo ideas on Pinterest. So, with some inspiration from the web, we created some non-traditional poses, which work really well when the littlest one isn’t entirely on board with being photographed at all. 🙂




Senioritis: Art 634

This morning’s senior chose Art 634 and the Armory Arts campus as his background. He had several spots scoped out for his portraits and wanted to include his Jeep in a few photos. The beautiful campus with artistic details around every corner really lends itself nicely for a unique photo spot. Here are  a few results!