Autumn Chill

Sunday afternoon the wind kicked in and sent a serious chill across Jackson! In an effort to keep the wee ones warm during this shoot, a lot of snuggling was required. The kids enjoyed playing in the leaves, until their little fingers got too cold!


Marathon of Mini-Shoots

Today i offered up my time for a fundraiser for my children’s school. The session fee was donated directly to the parent’s organization. Yet again, Ella Sharp Park made a beautiful backdrop for today’s fun. Thanks to those who signed up, came out and experienced the true nip of autumn with me today! Here is a sneak peek from the cuteness i got to witness today.


Special Moments Make Unique Photos

‘Tis the season that the light lasts longer into the evening, therefore evening sessions can now be scheduled! Today was my first evening session of the season! i loved meeting this family and these two beautiful and creative girls! They helped me make Mom & Dad laugh- and they offered their own ideas of where they should be photographed and how. i love to get the kids involved in the photo-making process, because it makes for completely unique photos.

i enjoy shooting at Ella Sharp Park because of the various backdrops and settings available on one campus. In the past i have worried that all of my photos will end up looking similar. But i realize something: each family, every client brings their own uniqueness to the photo shoot. Regardless if every session is in the same place, the results will always be different by the charm and special energy that all individuals carry with them. i get excited when i see results that are special to the family. Each photo carries a memory of a conversation we were having at the time, and sometimes a few tender moments that might have been missed in real life, the camera captured.


A Day at the Park

i have said before that the 18-month-old photo shoot is the toughest in terms of little ones being on the go and exploring their worlds. Same goes for one year olds who learned to walk early! Today i got to catch up with a (former newborn) client and her family. She was on the go and i was so impressed with her curiosity and fearlessness! (Brought back memories of my little guys, actually.) We explored the grounds at Ella Sharp Park, sang songs and blew on dandelions.

We decided that our best options for capturing the girls would be in-action. i was happy when reviewing the images, that we got a little of both: nice posed photos with lots of personality, and action shots. 🙂