8 Years Old

i might always refer to my children as my babies. And when i talk about the weight i need to lose, i sometimes say, “Well, i did just have a baby.” Don’t let me fool you. The last time i gave birth was 8 years ago. So, i use the term “babies” loosely. And that post-pregnancy weight loss… well, let’s just say i’m holding onto that excuse until he’s 40. 😉

My oldest son isn’t a fan of having his photo taken. This one likes to dress up and will pose for me- which is fun. But he also acts silly, just at the moment i think i have the coolest shot. i thought i would mix business with pleasure this morning and TREAT him to one of his fave local treats at the Jackson Coffee Company. After he enjoyed his mint hot cocoa and glazed honey bun, he was all for having his photo taken. (Please note, my son dressed himself.)

The Jax Coffee Co. has a great vibe. i have used it as a backdrop for other shoots and really appreciate it, especially in cold winter months. Just goes to show, the blustery winter weather doesn’t have to interfere when photos simply must get done!






Happy Anniversary

Sunday morning i met two families whose parents treated them to a mini-session each for their anniversaries. The benefit for the grandparents, was to have all of their grandchildren in one place at the same time for some photo snapping fun!

We laughed a lot, which is a great way to start any day! The photos express the fun sides of both of these families, even while “posed” for photos. And in case you didn’t know, i went to St. Mary’s College, so i was completely supportive of the Irish-loving props! As a matter of fact, the more i go along this journey, the more i enjoy mixing props into shoots.

An Evening with Carner and Gregor

Though i was warned that there is “nothing” to do in Jackson, i been keeping myself rather busy. Since moving to J-Town, i have blossomed as an artist because the beat of the artist culture is actually fairly strong here.

This evening i sat in on the rehearsal for Thursday night’s “An Evening with Carner and Gregor” at the Michigan Theatre (Tickets $10, doors open at 6:00pm.) It’s not every day that award winning broadway composers/songwriters pit stop in Jackson. Thanks to Ann Holt, and a connection she has with the duo, Jackson is in for a true delight.

During tonight’s rehearsal i got to witness the actual song writer and lyricist coach our very own Jacksonian performers and musicians. Sam Carner and Derek Gregor offered insights to their songs to pull out nuances that might be missed in other performances. And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for me, i got to see Ali Ewoldt, a broadway star, rehearse with our very own Chip Mezo— RIGHT HERE in Jackson!

i am so excited for tomorrow’s performance. It is surely an event that will be remembered by our community as something special. But don’t take my word for it. Come and see it for yourself.