Destination: Chelsea

We were in town to celebrate the opening of our friends’ Overland Studio. We had a blast learning about studio lighting and experiencing what it feels like to be on the posing side of the camera. (Not my forte) On a little pre-lunch-break, a few of us wandered out to take some photos in downtown Chelsea.

i am always impressed with Chelsea. It is clean, compact and somehow energized. i was bummed to see a particular market was gone- but excited to find Smokehouse 52 BBQ soon opening in its place. i was impressed with some outside modifications to the building. Then, like a kid at a toy store, stuck my face up against the glass to look inside.

I was even more impressed with the details and decor of the interior! The proprietors of the restaurant invited in those of us who got caught snooping. They were welcoming and explained their vision. The items used to decorate the space have great history and the space is a unique experience.

i am eager for the restaurant to open. i have a few friends i meet in Chelsea for meals because it is a mid-way point for us. It will be fun to add a new venue to our list of options. i wish the owners all the best, and thank them for the pre-opening tour!