8 Years Old

i might always refer to my children as my babies. And when i talk about the weight i need to lose, i sometimes say, “Well, i did just have a baby.” Don’t let me fool you. The last time i gave birth was 8 years ago. So, i use the term “babies” loosely. And that post-pregnancy weight loss… well, let’s just say i’m holding onto that excuse until he’s 40. 😉

My oldest son isn’t a fan of having his photo taken. This one likes to dress up and will pose for me- which is fun. But he also acts silly, just at the moment i think i have the coolest shot. i thought i would mix business with pleasure this morning and TREAT him to one of his fave local treats at the Jackson Coffee Company. After he enjoyed his mint hot cocoa and glazed honey bun, he was all for having his photo taken. (Please note, my son dressed himself.)

The Jax Coffee Co. has a great vibe. i have used it as a backdrop for other shoots and really appreciate it, especially in cold winter months. Just goes to show, the blustery winter weather doesn’t have to interfere when photos simply must get done!






My Guys

People assume that since i am a photographer, that i am constantly taking photos of my kids. Er… Um… Not entirely true. My baby turned 7 in December. i neglected to take his seven-year-old portraits for so long, that i decided to take them when his top teeth came out. My older son turned 10 in April. i decided to take his portraits before his mandated school-haircut. So, don’t feel bad if you’ve waited a while to get your family portraits done- just pick up the phone and get them scheduled!





Sweating in the Motor City

Today had me zipping into a very hot Detroit to meet a very cool lady. She needs photos for her social media and to fulfill other requests for head shots. She wanted her images to be casual, unique and to convey her love of Detroit. We met at Campus Martius Park and strolled a block away to capture some of the interesting textures and backgrounds the city buildings have to offer. It was certainly hot in the city, but it was happy making to get there and feel the pulse of a happening Detroit.