Everyone Has a Story… 2

The outcome of today’s interview is an example of WHY i wanted to embark on this project. i feel that tucked away behind the walls and windows of our world are treasures and tales that have been buried under a pile of the here and now. Sure, our elderly neighbors require a little more time and assistance to get things done, but the stories they offer are from a world that is quickly vanishing.

As a vibra-harp player in Phil Spitalny & His All Girl Orchestra, today’s interviewee spent four years touring the country by train. She told of how she would dine with Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey band members when their schedules lined up. She can even be found in the IMDb (The Internet Movie Database) with a movie credit to her name, when the Orchestra performed in “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” (1942).

When she moved back to her native Ohio and married, she was thankful to raise her two daughters while continuing to play bells, drums, timpani and the vibra-harp in area orchestras. Her husband was an airline pilot, and they had their own plane. No stranger to traveling she got to fly overseas and see the world. When i asked i what would she like to go back and do-over again, she said simply, “Nothing. I did it, I had fun with it. And that’s it.”


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