Everyone Has a Story

When i started LAF Lines (November, 2008) i knew that i wanted service or volunteerism to be part of my business plan. Today i launched a project i had been contemplating since. i believe that we are all unique beings and we have a lot to offer to one another, if we can put aside our differences and take time out of our hectic schedules to learn from one another. Last week i visited a neighborhood senior care campus and became a volunteer. My purpose is to interview and photograph residents for the campus newsletter.

As someone who voraciously devourers life, i want to learn from those who have already been through this phase. i want to determine now what it is i should be paying attention to so that i can minimize regrets later. i want to learn a new way to see the world we live in. Today i had my first interview and photo session. i met a woman who is humble and satisfied with the way she has lived her eighty-six years. i found her view on life to be peaceful and admirable.

She had told me piano was a hobby she has had to give up with aging. She’s had  a hip replacement and sitting on a piano bench is not comfortable for her. i suggested we move a dining room chair or her walker up to the keys for at least a photo opportunity. She sat on her walker seat, and was a little high to the piano, but when she put her arthritic fingers to the keys, music filled the room and tears filled my eyes.

We found a hymnal book and she recognized some of the songs. She played them beautifully and i was happy for the mini-concert. When our time together ended, i vowed to attend her first piano recital, and we made plans to learn how to use her husband’s camera. i left with a heart so full of excitement and inspiration, i knew i had chosen the perfect project for myself.




Center Stage Jackson Youth Singing Competition- Part 2

i have to admit that the thought of sitting through 31 acts sounded pretty rough. But the second half of the night went by as well as the first. The teenagers brought their A-games and it was an tough competition! Here are some of their photos…

Center Stage Jackson Youth Singing Competition- Part I

On Friday, January 20 i donated my time at the 2012 CSJ Youth Singing Competition at the Ella Sharp Museum with my fancy press badge (kidding, no such thing) and enjoyed a front row seat to the toughest competition in town. i am so glad i was not a judge. Wow! i was thoroughly entertained and very much enjoyed the evening. i brought my nine year old, hoping to inspire him to consider himself up on stage next year. He was likewise engaged the entire night! (and there were 31 acts!) The crowd was genuinely supportive and the house was packed! i was happy to see such an enthusiastic crowd on a snowy night in Jackson!

Here are just a few photos from the younger division. i will post a blog about the teens separately.


Matt Davis

When the Bon Ton Room put together its first full length production of “Sweeney Todd” in 2008, Matt Davis asked me to photograph it. Over the next three years when the BTR had special events or other shows, Matt always called and asked me to photograph for him. It meant so much to me, when i was just starting out as LAF Lines, to have someone in the community have so much faith in me as a photographer.

Matt put his faith in me again today, when he asked me to take his head shots for upcoming auditions to MFA and doctoral programs in theatre. With permission, we enjoyed the various spaces of Ella Sharp’s Granary as our backdrop. Thanks, Matt- for always believing in me and my camera! It has always meant the world to me. xo