Thankful for Thanksgiving

After waking from my tryptophan induced coma-like sleep, i zipped over to my neighbors’ last Friday to capture another whole family unit reunited for the holiday. As an added bonus, i got to catch up with a “LAF Lines baby,” who is celebrating his first birthday shortly! It amazed me how much he is looking like a little boy, and growing out of his baby look. (And only a few short months after his last portraits) His curiosity and speedy mobility had us all on our toes. It was a pleasure to see him interact with his grandparents and aunt and uncle.


Gobble, Gobble

Today i met families from Colorado and Ohio. It’s like they came into town just to have ME take their portraits… Hm… Wait. i think i may have misunderstood. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving… Oh… So, they were probably coming into town because Jackson is renowned for having the best turkeys in the country? Hm… that doesn’t sound right either. 😉

It was great fun for me to spend some time with this reunited family just before the holiday. Cousins were happy to be playing together, siblings were sharing some laughs and Mom & Dad were happy to have the whole group under one roof. i left with a happy heart as i headed into the holidays myself. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Or, as we say in my family: “Gobble, Gobble!”

Engagement Session

Generally, wedding photographers offer an engagement session in their packages. As i do not typically shoot weddings, i don’t have the opportunity to take engagement photos, and i have wanted to for a while. When my hairstylist got engaged, i jumped at the chance to offer up my services.

History: i used to cut my own hair. i did it for many years. And then this really nice salon opened up downtown. It was so fresh. i decided to call and ask to be matched up with a stylist who understood short hair. That is when i met Tara. Since my first appointment at Salon Breathe & Spa i have seen Tara almost monthly for over three years now. (Aside: this girl knows how to cut hair. She understands face shape, hair texture and what will and will not work. If you need help in this department, give her a call!) We have discovered that i have curly hair together (who knew?!) and we have talked about our kids growing up and the trials and tribulations of motherhood.

When she found a second chance at love, i asked if i could take engagement photos of the happy couple and their children. i loved the opportunity to capture Tara and her family in moments of pure love. i hope to have the opportunity to capture more couples as time goes on.

An Evening with Carner and Gregor

Though i was warned that there is “nothing” to do in Jackson, i been keeping myself rather busy. Since moving to J-Town, i have blossomed as an artist because the beat of the artist culture is actually fairly strong here.

This evening i sat in on the rehearsal for Thursday night’s “An Evening with Carner and Gregor” at the Michigan Theatre (Tickets $10, doors open at 6:00pm.) It’s not every day that award winning broadway composers/songwriters pit stop in Jackson. Thanks to Ann Holt, and a connection she has with the duo, Jackson is in for a true delight.

During tonight’s rehearsal i got to witness the actual song writer and lyricist coach our very own Jacksonian performers and musicians. Sam Carner and Derek Gregor offered insights to their songs to pull out nuances that might be missed in other performances. And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for me, i got to see Ali Ewoldt, a broadway star, rehearse with our very own Chip Mezo— RIGHT HERE in Jackson!

i am so excited for tomorrow’s performance. It is surely an event that will be remembered by our community as something special. But don’t take my word for it. Come and see it for yourself.